What to Expect to Pay for Electrical Work
Real Estate In Motion | If you have electrical work that needs to be done, then both legally and rationally, you should be working with a professional...

What to Expect to Pay for Electrical Work

If you have electrical work that needs to be done, then both legally and rationally, you should be working with a professional. Will it be expensive? It might seem that way at first. However, most people, once they understand the risks involved in doing it themselves, the depth of expertise of a master electrician and the realities of running a tradie business, feel comfortable with average costs for electricians.

Hourly Rates for Electrical Work: Not Like Hourly Pay

At first, the hourly rate for an electrician’s services may seem high, and if you’re comparing it to the hourly pay someone might earn at a regular job, that makes sense. However, comparing a trade rate to hourly pay is comparing apples to oranges. What you pay for a tradie’s time reflects so much more than just hours on the job. Your electrician’s hourly rate includes the cost of running a small business. Somebody answers the phone, somebody balances the books, and someone sorts out the legal issues. There’s a vehicle, an office and probably a workshop. There are licensing fees, trade association membership rates and insurance costs. Finally, there’s the time spent talking with you on the phone and driving to and from your home or building. You’re not paying an hourly wage; you’re paying for the services of a technical expert who heads up a small business.

Here are Some Typical Electrician's Hourly Rates

According to a Master Electricians survey, master electricians usually charge between $80 and $120 an hour for routine work and more for emergency electrical work and jobs outside of regular working hours. In addition, electricians often charge call-out fees that reflect the cost of travel. Of course, all of that will vary depending on your state, your location and on where the electrician is based. That’s just labour; the cost of materials is over and above
that, although for many jobs, the materials are quite inexpensive when sourced through a licensed electrician.

Typical Costs for a Few Common Electrical Jobs

Common electrical jobs include the addition of a new powerpoint because existing powerpoints aren’t always in the right places for a modern lifestyle. You may expect to pay between $88 to $170 for a new powerpoint or light fitting, and perhaps more if the wiring is especially complicated. If your house is old and needs completely new wiring, then plan to budget at least $5000 for rewiring. Of course, the cost for commercial premises will vary greatly.