Need a Hand With That New Appliance?
Real Estate In Motion | Choosing and installing new white goods isn’t one of the most thrilling home ownership tasks, but updating washing machines, t...

Need a Hand With That New Appliance?

Choosing and installing new white goods isn’t one of the most thrilling home ownership tasks, but updating washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers and even water-dispensing fridges and freezers is a necessary chore. Sadly, unlike most other appliances, it’s not as simple as plugging it in and giving the box to the kids or the pets. You are likely to need some professional help from a plumber when it comes to appliance installation.

Plumbing Expertise for New Appliance Installation

Turning off water supplies, connecting hoses to pipes and making sure drainage links are secure: all essential to the problem-free running of your new appliance. Get any of these wrong and not only are you likely to damage your new and no doubt costly machine, but you could also cause untold damage to your home.

A fully trained, reliable plumber will be able to install your appliances quickly, safely and cleanly. Don’t forget, if you are replacing an old machine like-for-like with a new one, it can help when you buy to make sure connections are the same size and operate in a similar way. For example, replacing a cold-fill only washing machine with the same, rather than a hot-and-cold-fill machine, will make things more straightforward.

Solving Plumbing Problems

If your last appliance failed, leaked or became blocked, it is well worth having a plumber check your plumbing system before installing a new one. The plumber will clear any damage caused by the old machine and check for the root causes of any problems before installing the new one. A good plumber may also be able to advise on what features to look for when replacing appliances and what to avoid if your system has particular problems.

In older homes, you may find plumbing connections that are outdated and incompatible with modern machines, for example, differently gauged pipes for drainage connections. In these cases, it can make sense to overhaul your plumbing when you update your appliances.

Modernising your Plumbing System

Modern kitchen equipment can include numerous appliances that rely on a connection to piping; from integrated coffee machines to steam ovens, bringing your kitchen up-to-date is likely to require numerous new plumbing connections. In fact, a good plumber could be as essential to your home renovation as a builder or electrician.
It’s not just installing new water lines where a plumber is essential. Many plumbers also have the qualifications to install gas appliances such as hobs, ovens, water heaters and boilers.

Remember, if you are planning any work that interacts directly with either the public sewer system or the drinking water supply, you will be legally obliged to hire a plumber.