Have you tried these 10 ingenious storage solutions in your home?
Real Estate In Motion | Let’s face it, we have enough stress in our lives, and we don’t need it in the home as well.

Organising the home is e...

Have you tried these 10 ingenious storage solutions in your home?

Let’s face it, we have enough stress in our lives, and we don’t need it in the home as well.

Organising the home is essential to ‘de-stress’ yourself, and adequate storage is a critical component in achieving this. However, what do you do if your house is on the smaller side, or lacking the storage space to achieve this? There are so many different storage solutions to help create a spacious and organised home.

We have provided 10 ingenious storage solutions below which can be used throughout the home to accommodate different space requirements from the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom, the lounge room, the garage, and outdoors.

  1. Suspended shelving in the garage

  2. Organising the garage can be a challenge. No matter how big the garage, there never seems to be enough space, so effective garage storage solutions are pertinent when organising those items that seem to just get in the way when they are not being used. Suspended shelves allow you to hang shelves from the ceiling and utilise air space above your car for those items that don’t need to be accessed often.

  3. Drawer dividers

  4. Do you, like most of us, have so many products and so little space? Nearly every kitchen has a ‘junk drawer’, and what about those scattered ties and socks in the bedroom, and disarrayed cosmetics in the bathroom?

    Drawer dividers come in many shapes and forms and so are adaptable to various rooms, from the kitchen to the bathroom to the bedroom. The dividers help to utilise your space more effectively, and access your items easily with segregated departments.

  5. Stair storage

  6. Space underneath the stairs is invaluable in any house. However, the way you utilise this space is important. Get creative with the space underneath the stairs (and within the stairs) utilising storage boxes, roll out drawers, cupboards, and shelves. One of the most creative storage solutions we have seen is drawers within the actual staircase, which can be utilised for everything from stationery to blankets to shoes, and more.

    Utilising appropriate shelving and storage boxes underneath the stairs will assist you in using your cupboard space more efficiently.

  7. Stackable storage containers

  8. It makes sense to keep daily bathroom utensils organised and easily accessible. Stackable storage containers are perfect for make up storage and bathroom storage. Stackable containers allow you to access your products from an organised and space-effective layout. However, stackable storage containers don’t stop in the bathroom. They also offer a clever toy storage solution, allowing toys to be mixed, matched and coordinated in an organised combination.

    Tip: Utilise clear stackable storage containers so you can easily see the stored contents inside!

  9. Lounge and ottoman storage

  10. Most houses have somewhere you can sit and relax. Why not utilise this furniture as an opportunity to clear some space from the floor and cupboards and store underneath it? There are several ways to accomplish storing underneath the lounge including top lift couches, side drawers, side shelves, and pull out storage boxes. Ottomans can also be utilised as storage boxes and can come in handy for throw rugs, cushions and pillows.

  11. Hidden rubbish bin

  12. Rubbish is inevitable in any household; however, an exposed rubbish bin is never ideal as it can attract insects and vermin, and also takes up floor space within the kitchen. The perfect solution for small spaces, and to keep the home aesthetically pleasing, is a hidden bin that is built into the cupboard or countertop.

  13. Toy storage nets

  14. Toy nets are a perfect way to store all those niggly bits and pieces in one contained place. The variety of options means that you can store everything in a ball, or have it elevated off the floor and attached high up on the wall utilising space that otherwise would not be used to provide more floor space.

    Tip: ensure the toy nets are made of washable mesh so they can be utilised to store outdoor items as well!

  15. Wall mounted cubes

  16. Every room in the house has walls so why not make the most of this space by installing wall storage options, including wall mounted cubes? Finding the right wall cube design can add a modern touch to any interior, and provide a functional storage and display solution for the home.

  17. Hanging storage

  18. Hanging storage is a great way to utilise space on unused doors and walls. Shoe storage and displays utilising hanging space will provide additional wardrobe storage and makes good use of space that may not ordinarily be used in the home.

    However, it's important to note that shoes should be cleaned and dried prior to storing away for long periods of time. Inserting a shoe tree into the shoe will help to retain its shape, whilst storing in a breathable shoe bag will protect them against dust and air them out. This prevents any type of mildew or stains forming.

    Source: https://www.shoeandfootcare.com/main-shoe-care-facts.htm

  19. Outdoor storage bench

  20. Organising outdoor spaces is just as important as indoor spaces. There are a variety of ways to organise your outdoor spaces, including utilising outdoor furniture with built in storage. Outdoor storage benches are a stylish and functional way to store your outdoor items. There are so many different shapes and designs of storage benches to suit all household decor.