Renovating? Top Eight Plumbing Trends
Real Estate In Motion | There are so many innovative plumbing products coming to market to help increase efficiency, stay warm in winter or just keep ...

Renovating? Top Eight Plumbing Trends

There are so many innovative plumbing products coming to market to help increase efficiency, stay warm in winter or just keep cool in summer. Here’s a list of eight plumbing trends that you may expect to see continue and strengthen in the coming years, especially in the home renovation market.

1. Solar Hot Water Systems

Heating water is the 2nd most common use of energy in the average Australian home, and a solar-assisted water heating system can save a household $300 to $700 a year. Most new homes are now being constructed with solar hot water systems, and retrofits are very popular, as well. It makes sense to harness the power of the Aussie sun and there are many systems available from quality brands like Rinnai.

2. Rainwater Tanks & Systems

Rainwater harvesting is a growing trend as it reduces the load on stormwater systems and provides a naturally pressurised water supply at roof level. Most average Australian homes are suitable to be fitted with at least a 2,000l tank that can be plumbed to operate a pump that utilises stored water to flush toilets and run the laundry as well as keeping your garden green during those warm summer months.

3. Concealed Cistern Toilet

Concealed toilets, also known as a back to walk toilet, are in vogue. They contain a cistern that is hidden in the wall offering a sleek, functional design leaving only the pan on display. Consider installing a water-efficient dual flush toilet, which can save a household around 51 litres per person in water and costs around $500 less to operate over a ten year period.

4. Refrigerator Water Filtration Systems

Everyone loves convenient water and ice dispensers in fridge doors, but how pure is that water? Filtering systems for refrigerator-dispensed drinking water are becoming more and more popular and will be bigger than ever in 2015.

5. Creative Basins and Taps

Artistic basins and taps have been popular in decorator-designed facilities for at least a decade, and as more people have begun to think of the bathroom as a spa-style retreat rather than just a utilitarian space, they have been gaining ground in the residential market, too. A certain trend is the adoption of organic style basins. The warm look of a natural bamboo basin will add class and colour to any kitchen or bathroom.

6. Outdoor Sinks

Many home owners are now incorporating full-sized kitchens in their outdoor spaces, including an outdoor sink. The convenience of being able to cook, clean and entertain without constantly returning to the house has led to the adoption of luxuries such as stone benchtops, twin stainless steel sinks and instant boiling water taps.

7. Upgrading Bathroom Vanities

Many people give thought to upgrading basins without giving much thought to their vanities. To give your bathroom that prestigious look consider installing a stone-topped vanity with matching ceramic basins with soft-close drawers for storage.

8. The Garbage Disposal

This powerful grinder is installed beneath your kitchen sink. Running cold water and pushing food waste into the plughole containing a garbage disposal unit will liquefy the food sending it harmlessly into the sewage system. This easy to install grinder will vastly reduce your household garbage, reduce smelly bins and reduce landfill.