Six Great Places for a New Power Point
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Six Great Places for a New Power Point

Tablets, smartphones, laptops, MP3 players, e-readers: the list of gadgets most households now consider essential is ever-expanding, yet many older homes simply weren’t designed for the number of connections such power-hungry gadgets need.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for homes built before the 1950s to have just one power point in each room. Even in relatively modern homes, most of us can think of a few locations where a power point would be a real time and trouble saver.

  1. Even something as simple as watching TV often requires a multitude of power points. It’s tempting to solve this dilemma with extension leads to accommodate set-top boxes, Blu-ray players or surround sound systems. Yet overloading these devices can be a fire hazard and will require use of a surge protector. It’s much more discreet to simply have additional power points placed into the wall. A qualified electrician can install a double power point or banks of outlets in just a few hours, keeping your cabling out of sight and safely connected to your central fuse box.

  2. Keeping all your portable gadgets fully charged can be a challenge in itself. If you have a home office, study or spare room, consider asking a local electrician to install an array of additional powerpoints in an underused corner to cut the clutter and create a dedicated charging area. There’ll be no more searching the house for the right charger or joining a queue for an available power socket.

  3. With open-plan living becoming ever-more popular, it can be challenging to locate lighting where you need it, especially if you’re taking advantage of all that extra space by creating a centrally located seating area. Trailing cables create a trip hazard on the floor and look unsightly. A neat solution is to have power points built into the floor, so lamps can be placed wherever you need them.

  4. In a similar vein, consider having pop up power points installed into a kitchen island to make using kitchen gadgets more straightforward and avoid cluttering up valuable kitchen wall space with additional power points.

  5. Probably the most used extension cord at home is the one you post through a window when using lawnmowers or power tools in the garden. Why not install a first, second or third safe outdoor power plug, fitted with a waterproof cover, to bring the power your machinery needs closer to you?

  6. Alternatively, ask a qualified electrician to install underground cabling to transfer power from your home to a gazebo, garden shed or workshop so you can enjoy the great outdoors without bringing it back inside with you?