Top Eight Electrical Trends
Real Estate In Motion | There are many electrical related products on the home to make your home more comfortable.

Here are some of the elect...

Top Eight Electrical Trends

There are many electrical related products on the home to make your home more comfortable.

Here are some of the electrical trends that have been becoming popular recently. From rooftop solar to smart homes, here is a short list of a few trends.

1. Rooftop Solar Panels

Photovoltaic solar panels generate electricity which is then added to the power grid, resulting in savings for your electrical bill. There are government incentives available that can multiply the savings, as well. It’s no wonder that solar panels are becoming more and more popular with both businesses and homeowners.

2. Remote Controlled Electrical Systems

With the availability of web and cloud-based software, property owners are installing central, remote-accessible controls for their electrical systems. Some home automation systems are even capable of spotting a freezer door left open, adjusting automatic doors and windows and turning lights on and off remotely.

3. Zoned Heating and Cooling

Zoned heating and cooling allows you to save money and energy by making your home or office space respond to use and weather conditions. For example, if solar gain on the south wall has already heated the adjacent rooms to a comfortable temperature, then why add more heat?

4. Folding and Sycamore Ceiling Fans

In the past few years exciting innovations in ceiling fan design, including the high efficiency one blade Sycamore fan, and other subtle & attractive folding fans have been gaining in popularity.

5. Smarter Smoke Alarms

Multi-purpose air monitors and smoke alarms that can be controlled through wireless devices are so hot right now. It’s no wonder—fire alarms can save lives, but they can also cause stress when they’re triggered accidentally and prove hard to shut off, and smoke is not the only air quality issue that you may need to pay attention to.

6. LED Filament Globe Light Bulbs

Exposed, decorative carbon filament globes have been in vogue for years now, but they are spectacularly inefficient. Enter, LED filament globes. Yes, they have invented LED light bulbs that look like carbon filaments, and both homeowners and business owners are now buying up industrial-style lighting fixtures designed to expose the globe, guilt-free.

7. New Power points

We may be using less energy than we did a decade ago, but we are also using energy differently. Chargers for mobile electronic equipment, complex entertainment systems and increasingly well utilised outdoor spaces are creating demand for power points where they were not previously needed. For example, people are having new powerpoints installed on desks, patios, el fresco rooms and cabanas.

8. Outdoor Kitchens

People are not only cooking outside on the barbie, they are installing outdoor refrigeration units and outdoor lighting, too: great for those evening pool parties.